ABI electric motors and gear motors

ABI’s motor and gear motor product range is extremely versatile. All parts, such as gears, shafts and gearboxes are produced and assembled in our production facility in Haarlem. This production facility is equipped with modern CNC-machines and other state-of-the-art machinery. Our in-house production facility guarantees optimal flexibility and a complete product range.

Combining our expertise in the fields of electric motors, motion control and mechanics, often leads to surprising solutions. The AC asynchronous motors, for example, enable ABI to develop application-specific electric motors. Apart from the ‘classic’ 1 phase and 3 phase norm motors, ABI also manufactures the following motors:

The power range for our custom-made drives ranges from 10 W - 3 kW, with speeds up to 20.000 rpm. All motors are comprehensively tested in ABI’s state of the art testing facility.

Apart from machine building in general, ABI of course has its specialties. The packaging industry is one of those areas in which we have extensive experience. Another example is entrance technology, such as sliding doors and revolving doors. ABI also supplies solutions for the air and space industries. The motors for this application area have to meet extremely strict criteria, both with respect to the materials applied and with respect to life span. Other application areas are for example the graphical and printing industry, food industry, horticultural industry and production automation.

ABI electric motors and gear motors were previously sold as KMF electric motors and gear motors. Read more.

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