ABI custom-made drives


Since 1955, ABI has produced an extensive range of special drives, such as motors, gear motors, stainless-steel drives, and torque limiters. This product range is extremely versatile and varied. Our production facility meets the demand for over 20,000 drives each year, using advanced, modern machinery consisting of various CNC machines such as fully automatic lathes, grinders, milling machines, and toothing machines.


With our advanced know-how, extensive experience, and direct contacts between our designers and those of our suppliers, we can meet special requirements right from the design stage. Our solutions are often based on standard products  if possible, with  all the neccessary adaptations. This results in an application-focused solution that meets the customer’s specific requirements.


All components, such as gear wheels, shafts, and reduction gearboxes, are produced in the machining department in Haarlem, under the watchful eye of our quality controllers. The assembly of the complete products followed by final inspection takes place in our assembly department.


All motors produced by  ABI can be analysed on our computer-controlled motor test bench. The measurements can be used for various purposes, including producing torque/rev characteristics with temperature durability tests.

ABI custom-made drives were previously sold as KMFcustom-made drives. Read more.

Cryogenic pump drive

A cryogenic pump is a centrifugal gas pump with a maximum rotational speed of 24,000 rpm which pumps a liquid gas (mainly helium or nitrogen) to a cryocooler. The motor and the pump are compatible with a pressure of up to 40 bars/580 psi.

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Door drive

A number of important criteria apply in the case of a sliding or other door drive. It needs to be a compact, narrow drive with high torque available at low speed and low torque at high speed. The gear unit used must be so efficient that the door can be opened manually even in the event of a power failure.

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Vehicle drive

To drive a mobile vehicle running on a battery-supplied DC voltage, two compact and efficient EC motors are used, equipped with a highly efficient planetary gearbox.

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