Food industry

Strict HACCP and FDA regulations place high demands on drives used in the food industry. This is why your potatoes are peeled with the help of ABI stainless steel motors.

This successful potato peeling machine can be fitted with 24 rotating peeling-discs. The cleaning and removing of potato skin is executed in a very careful, yet efficient way. 4000 kg of potatoes kan be peeled every hour, 24 hours a day if needed. The ABI stainless steel motors applied in these machines are controlled by frequency inverters in a range of control of 25:1. Due to the IP69k motor enclosure and the use of stainless steel materials, the starch remnants can simply be removed through high pressure cleaning. Very low down-time is the biggest advantage for the end user.

The application of our state-of-the-art stainless steel motors and gear motors guarantees a maintenance-free life span of several years.

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